It all started with a FB message and a hand written sketch. There were lots of Rotary promotional items with the wheel. The goal of this new take on the Rotary motto was "people may not have a connection with the wheel but they can take the motto at face value and connect". The "Service Above Self" Design was commissioned by LaShonda Delivuk in August 2017 in Lynchburg, VA. Local designers Ally & Bobby Puffenburger created the original handwritten sketch & transformed it into a vector file.



LaShonda ordered her first batch of shirts to give away. When she showed the shirts to her friends at World's Greatest Meal hosted by the Blidos, they immediately offered to pay for a shirt. After completely "selling out" of the shirts in minutes LaShonda decided she could use the shirts to achieve her first PHF designation.


She also had professional studio photos created of her fellow club presidents (President Aaron Van Allen & President Nominee Jessica Clarkson) wearing the shirts which she used for shirt sales & an article she proposed to The Rotarian called "How to Attract Millennials to Rotary click here to check it out :)  




Just in time for the annual foundation banquet, LaShonda achieved her PHF status through t-shirt sales and that was the end of the shirts...or so she thought :) 


APRIL 2018


The idea for the 7570 Swag Shop was born and naturally the committee decided that the first item would be the infamous "Service Above Self" t-shirts. The shop launched a partnership with National Awards 4 U, a Rotary vendor and plans were put into place to launch shirt sales on June 11th, 2018.