About the Swag Shop 

At Rotary Leadership Institute Part III in Blacksburg, VA, President Leslie Blevins and President-Elect LaShonda Delivuk finally met face to face. As the only millennials in their group, the two bonded quickly and realized they had a lot in common. A love for Rotary, a joy for all things public image and a genuine desire to see Rotary to do more than survive, THRIVE. When LaShonda realized that Leslie had been carrying the weight of District 7570's Public Image alone she volunteered to help. 


As the ideas started flying the two realized they could use more hands so they quickly recruited Assistant Governor Anna Lester, D7570 Polio Plus Chair Traci Blido & RLI facilitator & water project enthusiast Amber Wilborne to join the team. The dynamic duo transformed into the fab 5 and the Public Image committee was born. 

With so many powerhouse women in the team there was no shortage of ideas but there was one major barrier.
MONEY. So the committee found themselves at a crossroads: either stretch the $2,000 as far as you can OR make more money. With entrepreneurs on the committee the answer was simple. We need to make more money so our budget can handle our big ideas. 

The team's excitement and enthusiasm could be seen from a mile away and at PETS they received their first silent investment of $100. So now they had $2100 to make the magic happen :) 

The mission of the 7570 Swag Shop is to excite & empower Rotarians to tell the Rotary story. Our heart is public image and that's driving force behind everything we do. 

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